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How To Get The Cece Hat In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Embark on an unforgettable journey in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom as you strive to obtain the highly coveted Cece Hat. This comprehensive guide will unveil the secrets and steps necessary to acquire this stylish accessory, ensuring that you stand out in the fantastical world of Tears of the Kingdom. Join us as we explore the thrilling quests and challenges that await, all in pursuit of the extraordinary Cece Hat. Following !

I. Initiating the Quest: “Team Cece or Team Reede?”

The journey to obtain the Cece Hat in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom starts with a pivotal quest titled “Team Cece or Team Reede?” It is the initial task that sets the entire adventure in motion and introduces you to the world of intrigue and mayoral elections. To begin this quest, you must seek out Sophie, who can be found standing outside the Ventest Clothing Boutique in the picturesque Hateno Village.

As you approach Sophie, you’ll notice an air of anticipation and tension in the village. The mayoral election is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and Sophie is no exception. She will greet you warmly, eager to engage in conversation about the current state of affairs. Take the opportunity to listen to her, as she holds valuable information regarding the ongoing rivalry between Cece and Reede.

Sophie will share the details of the mayoral election and the divided loyalties within Hateno Village. The villagers are divided into two factions: those supporting Cece and those supporting Reede. It is within this political landscape that the quest unfolds, and your involvement becomes crucial.

Listen carefully as Sophie explains the challenges facing Cece’s campaign. She believes that distributing mushrooms to certain individuals who currently align themselves with Reede could help sway their votes in favor of Cece. This is where your role as an influential protagonist begins.

With your mission set before you, Sophie will provide further guidance and encourage you to enter the Ventest Clothing Boutique. Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure filled with mystery, choices, and the opportunity to earn the highly sought-after Cece Hat.

Gather your courage, for the fate of the mayoral election and the acquisition of the Cece Hat now rest in your hands. Step inside the Ventest Clothing Boutique and prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

II. Mushroom Distribution: Swaying the Votes

1. Identifying Reede Supporters

To sway the votes in favor of Cece and advance towards obtaining the Cece Hat, you need to identify individuals who are currently aligned with Reede. They can be recognized by their distinctive Reede supporter outfits. Pay close attention to the villagers you encounter and make your choices wisely to maximize the impact of your mushroom distribution efforts.

2. Mushroom Recipients

Your mission is to deliver mushrooms to specific NPCs who are more likely to be swayed towards supporting Cece in the mayoral election. These individuals play a crucial role in shaping the outcome of the election and ultimately influence your chances of obtaining the coveted Cece Hat. Here is a list of mushroom recipients and their respective locations:

  1. Leop – The Enigmatic Wanderer: Leop is a curious character known for his nomadic lifestyle. He can be found wandering around Hateno Village, often frequenting the Inn or various shops. Keep a keen eye out for him to deliver the mushrooms that may sway his allegiance.
  2. Medda – Within the Confines of Hateno School: Medda is a resident of Hateno Village who spends her days within the walls of Hateno School. Seek her out in the school premises, as she holds influence over the election and can be convinced to support Cece with the mushrooms you provide.
  3. Dantz – Found in the Serene Hateno Pasture: Venture to the Hateno Pasture, a peaceful and picturesque location near the village, to locate Dantz. He can often be found tending to the livestock or enjoying the tranquil surroundings. Approach Dantz and offer him the mushrooms, hoping to sway his vote towards Cece.
  4. Koyin – Near the Dock by Lake Sumac, Close to Hateno Pasture: At the dock by Lake Sumac, close to Hateno Pasture, you will find Koyin. Engage in conversation and present the mushrooms, aiming to convince Koyin to align herself with Cece’s cause. Her support can be influential in the mayoral election.
  5. Tokk – Residing at the Ancient Research Lab: Make your way to the Ancient Research Lab, a place of scientific discoveries and knowledge, where Tokk spends his time. Engage Tokk in conversation and present the mushrooms, hoping to persuade him to reconsider his loyalty and support Cece’s bid for mayor.
  6. Uma – Frequently Seen in Local Inns and Shops: Uma is a familiar face in the local inns and shops, often mingling with other villagers. Keep an eye out for her during your explorations and seize the opportunity to offer her the mushrooms, potentially swaying her vote towards Cece’s campaign.
  7. Worten – Located within the Inn: Head to the Inn, a central hub of activity in Hateno Village, to find Worten. Engage in conversation with him and present the mushrooms, aiming to influence his decision and align him with Cece’s cause.
  8. Tamana – Tending to the Bountiful Hylian Tomato Field: Visit the vibrant and bountiful Hylian Tomato Field, where Tamana can be found dedicating her time and efforts. Approach Tamana amidst her work and offer her the mushrooms, hoping to win her support for Cece’s campaign.

Remember, the success of your mushroom distribution efforts will greatly impact the outcome of the mayoral election and your chances of acquiring the Cece Hat. Pay attention to the unique qualities and characteristics of each recipient as you navigate the dynamic world of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

III. Unveiling Cece’s Secrets

1. Cece’s Secret

Under the Cover of Night Cece, the central figure in the mayoral election, has secrets to be discovered. As night falls, she surreptitiously ventures out of her house, adding an air of mystery to her character. Your next mission is to follow Cece discreetly, keeping a safe distance and remaining unseen. The key to success lies in your ability to observe her movements without arousing suspicion.

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As you navigate the dimly lit streets of Hateno Village, use the shadows to your advantage, ensuring that Cece does not detect your presence. Stay alert and attuned to her actions, as they may hold clues to her secrets. With every step, the tension mounts, and the anticipation of unraveling the truth intensifies.

2. Reede’s Secret

Unraveling the Mystery Reede, the rival candidate in the mayoral election, possesses an enigmatic nature that demands further investigation. To delve into the depths of Reede’s secrets, you must seek out his wife, Clavia. Engage in conversation with Clavia, who shares her concerns and suspicions regarding Reede’s activities.

Clavia will task you with exploring the shed where Reede spends a significant amount of his time. This shed holds the key to understanding Reede’s true motives and intentions. However, gaining access to it is not a straightforward endeavor. The shed remains locked, requiring an alternative route to reach its hidden depths.

Locate a nearby well, which serves as the entry point to the underground passageways leading to the shed. Descend into the depths, traversing the labyrinthine tunnels with caution. Navigate the subterranean maze until you reach the precise location where the shed is situated. The truth lies within its walls, waiting to be uncovered.

Enter the shed, taking care not to disturb any evidence or leave behind traces of your presence. Examine the surroundings meticulously, piecing together the clues that will shed light on Reede’s secret activities. Once you have gathered the necessary information, make your way back to Clavia and share your findings with her.

3. A New Signature Food

A Culinary Quest The mushroom distribution efforts have garnered the gratitude of Koyin, a key player in the mayoral election. In appreciation for your assistance, she rewards you with a delectable treat known as Hateno Cheese. This unique delicacy becomes your key to progressing further on your quest to obtain the Cece Hat.

Armed with the Hateno Cheese, your next objective is to deliver it directly to Reede himself. Journey to Reede’s location and engage in conversation with him. Present the Hateno Cheese as a gesture of goodwill, symbolizing your involvement in the election and your support for Cece.

Completing this step is not only a demonstration of your commitment to the cause but also an essential milestone in your pursuit of the Cece Hat. Take pride in your culinary quest and savor the anticipation of what lies ahead as you inch closer to your ultimate goal.

With each secret unveiled, the intricate tapestry of the mayoral election unravels, and the path to acquiring the Cece Hat becomes clearer. Embrace the challenges that lie before you, for they are essential stepping stones on your extraordinary journey in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

IV. The Mayoral Election: The Moment of Truth

After your dedicated efforts in distributing mushrooms, unveiling secrets, and partaking in the events surrounding the mayoral election, the time has come for the moment of truth. The fate of Hateno Village hangs in the balance, and it is up to you to witness and shape the outcome of this captivating election.

To progress in your quest, seek out Sophie once again. Engage in conversation with her to trigger a captivating cut-scene that will unfold before your eyes. The cut-scene serves as the climax of the mayoral election storyline, revealing the culmination of your actions and the impact they have had on the village’s political landscape.

During this pivotal moment, prepare yourself for unexpected twists and turns. The outcome of the election may surprise you, altering the course of your journey and shaping the path forward. Embrace the uncertainty and immerse yourself in the dramatic narrative that unfolds, as your choices and actions throughout the quest line come to fruition.

Witness the tension, the emotions, and the resolution as the election results are unveiled. The mayoral election is not merely a backdrop but an integral part of your quest to obtain the Cece Hat. Stay engaged and attentive as the story reaches its climactic peak.

Remember, the journey does not end with the revelation of the election results. Your actions and their consequences will continue to reverberate throughout Hateno Village and the larger world of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. The outcome of the election may open up new opportunities, quests, and storylines, shaping the direction of your adventure.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling twist that will leave you eager to explore the consequences of your choices. The moment of truth has arrived, and it is within your grasp to shape the future of Hateno Village and secure your reward—the highly coveted Cece Hat.

With bated breath, embrace the culmination of the mayoral election storyline and let the captivating narrative carry you forward into the next chapter of your extraordinary journey in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Congratulations on successfully navigating the intricate quests and challenges necessary to acquire the illustrious Cece Hat in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. With your dedication and tenacity, you have secured an avant-garde masterpiece that is sure to captivate fashion enthusiasts throughout the realm. As you venture further into the wondrous world of Tears of the Kingdom, don your Cece Hat with pride, and let its unique charm be a testament to your extraordinary journey. Stay tuned for more exciting coverage and uncover additional secrets that lie within this remarkable game.

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