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White Goats Gone missing Tears Of The Kingdom

In the picturesque kingdom of Hyrule, where legends come alive and adventures abound, a puzzling mystery has gripped the land. It is a tale that involves the enigmatic disappearance of a herd of white goats, leaving the villagers bewildered and concerned. As an esteemed reporter for The Lucky Clover Gazette, the renowned newspaper of Hyrule, you have been entrusted with the task of uncovering the truth behind this perplexing incident. Welcome to the enthralling quest of “White Goats Gone Missing Tears Of The Kingdom.” Following !

White Goats Gone missing Tears Of The Kingdom
White Goats Gone missing Tears Of The Kingdom

How to Start the White Goats Gone Missing Quest

Setting the Stage for Adventure

Embarking on the quest of “White Goats Gone Missing” is a part of the larger “Potential Princess Sightings” arc, an exciting journey that promises both intrigue and discovery. To begin this captivating adventure, you must first make your way to the Clover Headquarters located southeast of Rito Village. If you haven’t visited this significant landmark yet, it is highly recommended that you do so before diving into the quest.

A Peculiar Encounter

Once you feel adequately prepared to undertake the quest, your first destination should be the Tabantha Bridge Stable. As you arrive at this bustling hub of activity, you will notice an air of curiosity and concern. It is here that you will encounter Chork, the unfortunate owner of the missing white goats. Distraught and perplexed, Chork reveals that his beloved goats have vanished without a trace. The goats were being fed a special recipe, entrusted to Chork by none other than Princess Zelda herself. However, amidst his despair, Chork admits to losing the recipe, casting a shadow of doubt over the cause of the goats’ disappearance.

Where to Find the Goats in the White Goats Gone Missing Quest

Unraveling the Trail

As you set out to solve the enigma surrounding the white goats, your fellow reporter, Penn, joins your quest. Together, you embark on a journey that takes you through a captivating trail of uneaten Hylian Pine Cones, meticulously left behind by the goats. These elusive clues lead you ever closer to the whereabouts of the missing herd.

Where to Find the Goats in the White Goats Gone Missing Quest

Navigating the Path

While the task may initially seem straightforward, it is essential to exercise caution along the way. The trail of pine cones can easily be obscured amidst the lush grasslands of Hyrule. If you happen to deviate from the intended path, fear not, for there are ways to swiftly regain your bearings.

  1. Ultrahand to the Rescue: By utilizing the Ultrahand tool, you can spin the camera, scanning your surroundings for glowing orange fragments that denote interactive elements. This clever device proves invaluable in your search for the elusive pine cones.
  2. A Bird’s-Eye View: Should the need arise, you can opt to pan the camera downwards, providing you with an advantageous aerial perspective. Remarkably, the abundant grass of Hyrule cannot conceal the pine cones entirely, allowing you to spot them from above.
  3. The Gleam of Discovery: A third method involves slowly panning the camera while keeping an eye out for the mesmerizing glimmers of “item-drop sparkles.” These enchanting flickers guide you to the next collectible item on your journey, often leading you directly to the coveted Hylian Pine Cones.

The Triumph of Persistence

Armed with unwavering determination, you meticulously follow the trail of Hylian Pine Cones, inching ever closer to the elusive white goats. As you persevere, the path eventually leads you to the coordinates (-2546, 0409, 0150). It is at this very spot that you encounter the captivating sight of the goats, joyfully frolicking in their newfound sanctuary.

A Message in a Bottle

Among the cheerful herd, a mysterious bottle catches your attention. Its weathered exterior hints at the passage of time, and curiosity compels you to examine its contents. As you interact with the bottle, an enchanting dialogue unfolds, shedding light on the fate of the goats. This encounter marks the triumphant conclusion of the “White Goats Gone Missing” quest, bringing you one step closer to uncovering the secrets of the Tears of the Kingdom.

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White Goats Gone Missing Tears Of The Kingdom: A Journalistic Endeavor

Link and the Missing White Goats

As Link, the valiant hero of Hyrule, tirelessly ventures forth in his quest to unearth compelling stories for the Lucky Clover Gazette, he finds himself in the Faron region. Here, he encounters his loyal reporter companion, Penn, who has taken up the challenge of investigating the vanishing white goats. The local stable, known for its thriving herd of these elegant creatures, has fallen into disarray, and it is now up to Link to solve the mystery.

The Recipe That Changed It All

At the heart of this tale lies Chork, the diligent farmhand responsible for the well-being of the white goats. Chork had been entrusted with a remarkable recipe for animal feed, graciously bestowed upon him by none other than Princess Zelda herself. Determined to provide the finest care for his goats, Chork diligently followed the recipe, which included the unconventional ingredient of whole, unprocessed Hylian Pine Cones. However, despite his meticulous efforts, the goats exhibited an unexpected distaste for this particular concoction.

A Journalistic Call to Action

In the world of journalism, stories often present themselves in the most unlikely of circumstances. Recognizing the potential significance of this tale, Penn, with a discerning eye for news, appoints Link to uncover the truth behind the white goats’ disappearance. Thus, the quest of “White Goats Gone Missing” is born, intertwining the tenets of journalism with the spirit of adventure.

FAQs about “White Goats Gone Missing Tears Of The Kingdom”

Q1: How do I start the quest “White Goats Gone Missing”?

To initiate the quest, make your way to the Clover Headquarters southeast of Rito Village. Once you’ve arrived, proceed to the Tabantha Bridge Stable, where the curious case of the missing white goats unfolds.

Q2: What should I do if I lose sight of the Hylian Pine Cone trail?

Should you deviate from the trail, there are several techniques at your disposal. Utilize the Ultrahand tool to spot interactive elements, pan the camera downward for a bird’s-eye view, or search for the tantalizing “item-drop sparkles” to guide your way.

Q3: Where can I find the missing herd of white goats?

Follow the trail of Hylian Pine Cones, diligently left behind by the goats. Stay determined and persevere, for the path will eventually lead you to the coordinates (-2546, 0409, 0150), where you will encounter the goats.

Q4: What significance does the bottle hold in the quest?

Within the white goat’s sanctuary, you stumble upon a message in a bottle. Interact with it to unravel its captivating contents and bring the “White Goats Gone Missing” quest to a satisfying conclusion.

Q5: Are there any rewards for completing the quest?

As a token of appreciation for your unwavering dedication, Penn, your esteemed colleague, will reward you with a valuable prize, commensurate with your progression in the “Potential Princess Sightings” questline.

Q6: How does the quest “White Goats Gone Missing” fit into the larger narrative of Tears of the Kingdom?

“White Goats Gone Missing” serves as a thrilling side adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, intertwining with the overarching “Potential Princess Sightings” questline. Engage in this captivating journey to unravel the secrets of Hyrule and partake in the legacy of Princess Zelda herself.


In the realm of Hyrule, where legends intertwine with reality, the mystery of the missing white goats enthralls both inhabitants and adventurers alike. As you venture forth as a trusted reporter of The Lucky Clover Gazette, the quest of “White Goats Gone Missing Tears Of The Kingdom” beckons you to unravel its enigmatic tale. With unwavering determination and a keen journalistic eye, you navigate the winding path, following the trail of Hylian Pine Cones, until the elusive goats and their secrets are finally revealed. Embrace the spirit of adventure, for in the pursuit of truth, new stories are woven, and the realm of Hyrule is forever transformed.

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